Top 5 least used items in PUBG Mobile

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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) has a lot of popular PlayerUnknown’s battle in the game. The PUBG Mobile user are not like other games, PUBG Mobile has customisation for all the controller for example use weapons, grenade, fire option, Aids, team members names option, mic, speaker, map etc. How many items are picked settings system. This game is based on army PUBG Mobile. This game is playing an feeling on the army men. The attachments that are available which a player must use in order to control their weapons better, receive less damage and heal in case they lost hit points. The Items like weapons, muzzle, suppressor, external, compensators, scopes, drink and healing items always top of the list most used items in the PUBG Mobile Game. But the must use top much this item in game. Over all the world more user on PUBG Mobile.

Top 5 least used items in PUBG


There are Gas Can everywhere over all the maps for PUBG Mobile. Gas can take very little space. but this item picked overall few players. A Gas Can used to refuel vehicles that are out of gas, but thankfully most vehicles on all the maps of PUBG come with enough fuel to get to a far away safe zone.


Quickdraw Magazines are all types of weapons that are available in PUBG Mobile, apart from the shotguns. But players usually don’t prefer using this, because all this attachment does is few the reload time of weapons And Quickdraw Magazines extra bullets load. Instead, players like to use the Extended Magazine over this one when available which provides more bullets.


Shotgun are used to limit the spread of the blast from the weapons, and since Shotguns themselves are seldom used in the late game, users refrain from using these items as well.


The more players don’t even boths using grenades and the all game players on a throwables in a Stun Grenade and Smoke Grenade through do not any damages. But unlike the Smoke Grenade which is useful for making not seen by any enemies and smoke help team members in charge on smoke, the stun grenade needs precision use which only blinds and deafens enemies. Since it is difficult to use players avoid picking this up.


The R1895 Revolver happens to be among the least used weapons in the game even though it deals a lot of damage. It has very low damage of fire. It result is the need extremely accurate without any being available on that.

This items are most use in the game. It is easily picked any where on maps. The smoke are very help the last zone.

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